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Please note this was my solo trip so I had nothing planned and nothing booked. Nevertheless I am summarizing my itinerary here. Perhaps my trip wasn’t the best planned but it was interesting and adventurous and would strongly recommend these countries for solo travel.

My Itinerary:vietnam-map(1) copy

Day 1: Arrive at Phnom Penh

Day 2: Bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap: (Giant Ibis bus: $18) (the road is extremely bad as its mostly sand and gravel with a few patches of tar in between)

Day 3, 4 & 5: Temples visit (3 day pass: $40)

Day 6: Siem Reap

Day 7: Siem Reap to Battambang: By boat 7 hours, $21 (Highly recommend the boat ride. Much more expensive than bus ($6) but worth it for the numerous floating forests and floating villages)

Day 8: Buttambang

Day 9: Battambanh to Silhounkville: by bus: 14 hours (via Phnom Penh)

Day 10: Sihounkville

Day 11: Sihounkville to Ho Chi Minh: by bus: 14 hours (via Phnom Penh) $25, Mekong Express

Day 12 & 13: Ho Chi Minh

Night bus to Dalat: 7 hours

Day 14,15, 16: Dalat

Day 17: Dalat to Mui Ne: by bus, 7 hours (the scenery on the way is beautiful)

Day 18: Mui Ne

Day 19: Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh: by bus 7 hours

Day 20: Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh by bus 7 hours

Day 21: Return flight to New Delhi

This is not the usual itinerary for Vietnam. The most common one is Ho Chi Minh- Nha Trang- Hoi An- Hue- Hanoi- Sapa- Halong Bay.

Since it was my first solo trip I did not want to extend it beyond 20 days and after talking to most people I decided to include both Cambodia and Vietnam in the itinerary but I think it was a bad idea because although 15 days are enough for Cambodia you need a month for covering Vietnam and also although they are neighbors culturally they are so different that combining the two dilutes the experience of either country. Cambodia of course has had stronger Indian influence and is culturally closer to India whereas Vietnam has had stronger Chinese influence and is culturally closer to China and hence perhaps it was more interesting for me. Even though Buddhist is the major religion in Vietnam, many people here are atheists as in China.I will talk about other details in the forthcoming posts.