About Me


A friend had once said, “You should try a new thing everyday to maintain your passion in life.”

This is usually not an issue for me as my passions in life are far too many and the list keeps increasing. To name a few- reading, painting, traveling, photography, writing, pottery, history etc. To fund my passions, I work in a non-creative corporate job where mostly I am on the lookout to get out of office and begin my creative endeavors.

My passion for travel started with my first job as I was stationed at Chandigarh-the foothills of Himalayas. Thus almost every weekend i will grab my bag and take a bus to any place in Himalayas. Then I used to drive down to Punjab.

My passion for photography was an offshoot of my travel and now so is this blog as both these serve to record my travels.

I love to travel budget so money is usually not the constraint for my travel. The only constraints are leaves as working in India you mostly do not get more than 15 days leave at a stretch.

This blog is to share my travel stories and my photographs. All my photographs are for sale so please write back in case you like any and can be shipped across to you.

Please do write back for any comments/ queries/ suggestions!!

  1. arv! says:

    great blog! keep writing and keep sharing !! (y)


  2. arv! says:

    Where are you currently based?


  3. We totally understand how difficult it gets to travel while working full time, we both are working and vacations are always an issue. However, people like us, you know, our love for travel keeps us going šŸ™‚ You relocated to Gurgaon from Chandigarh? Isn’t Chandigarh a better place to reside?


    • True one can always find time for travel if one wants to!! True chandigarh was an amazing place to stay but sadly I am a corporate slave still so have to be based where my job is and chandigarh has very few jobs. Hopefully soon will start something of my own wherein I can choose to decide the place I want to reside at. What about u guys, where do you reside?


      • We are currently based in New Delhi…same reason….and to be honest I just hate these 9 to 9 corporate jobs literally. However we too are focusing on doing something else that could help us live our dream life

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  4. Ya totally agree!! All the best for getting out of the corporate job! Lets meet up sometime n discuss. Drop me your contact number on obsessivetraveller@gmail.com and we can be in touch!!


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