Italy Itinerary

Posted: September 27, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in Europe
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With art, architecture, history, food and nature, Italy has no dearth of places to explore for any traveler. I had always wanted to travel to Italy but knew that I would need at least a month to do any justice to the great country. After having spent a month there, I know I can spend another month in South Italy and a lifetime in Rome but even that won’t be enough. Most countries, the architecture gets repetitive. In fact, north Europe in all countries the architecture is so similar. But in Italy, every city has a very unique architecture, so different from the preceding city and everywhere else in the world that it never gets repetitive. Milan is perhaps the only city that reminded me of North Europe but rest every city was so unique in itself- both the architecture and the food. Also you can never get tired of watching Italians as they are so animated while conversing, even though you may not understand a word they say. Here is my one month itinerary to help you plan yours.

Milan: 3 days   italy-itinerary

Verona: 3 days

Venice: 3 days

Bologna: 2 days

Florence: 3 days

Pisa: 1day

Volterra: 1 day

San Gigimano: 1 day

Sienna: 3 days

Assissi: 1 day

Perugia: 2 days

Rome: 4 days

Naples: 2 days

Pompeii: 1 day

Amalfi Coast: 1 day

The places I missed out in North Italy were: Padua, Genoa and Cinque Terra and the Alps and of course I am yet to cover anything to the south of Naples, perhaps during my next trip!!

  1. Looks like a great tour with some fantastic destinations. How did you do the map showing your route?


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