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Flower Show, Gurgaon

Posted: June 19, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in Delhi NCR, India
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Almost every city in India has an annual flower show. Gurgaon holds it annually at Leisure Valley Park in the spring month of March. It is worth a visit as the colors and variants of flowers at display are exquisite and also the flower arrangements. The entire park is decked up in various colors, a visual treat for sure!_DSC0286





















Animals Spotted: Crocodiles, deer and monitor lizard

crocodile_DSC0322 Monitor lizard_DSC0356  _DSC0300 _DSC0287

Birds Spotted: A vast variety but sadly I do not remember their names except for white-collared kingfisher.

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Sunderbans: Night Safari

Posted: June 1, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in India, west bengal
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Planktons- small or microscopic organisms that drift or swim weakly in a body of water, including bacteria, diatoms, jellyfish, and various larvae. Sunderbans night safari is when I first encountered them. It was a full moon night when we went for the night safari and hence to view the planktons we had to reach deep inside the forest where the water did not already shimmer in the moonlight. Then just dipping your hand in water and twirling it around you could see them glowing in the water. I had expected to see fireflies but planktons were an added bonus. Nature is so beautiful and so full of surprises.

In the night safari, the most interesting part of the Sunderbans adventure, we went in a small rowing boat on the water that had completely engulfed the land, presenting an entirely different landscape in the high time. Most of the trees around were submerged. Thereby we crossed over to the other side of the river and the boatman steered the boat into 1 of the channels that were part of the landmass during the low tide but now had water flowing through.

In the narrow channel the boat brushed though the trees and the multitudes of organisms on them- spiders, insects, crabs etc, reminding me of the floating forests in Cambodia. Fortunately the night spared us the sight of the organisms we were brushing against but our guide flashed his torch momentarily to give us a picture and caught a crab to make his point.

Sadly cameras are ineffective in the night and hence I do not have too many pictures but definitely an indelible memory.moonlight Lunar eclipse _DSC0234 _DSC0232 _DSC0230