Sunderbans Tour Itinerary: 3 days 2 nights

Posted: May 31, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in India, west bengal
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I am usually not a proponent of tour operators but for this trip after doing considerable research I came to the conclusion that perhaps tour operator was the bet option, given that I was traveling alone and tour operators were really cheap. I finally signed up for , mainly based on their reviews on tripadvisor. The cost for two nights three days was INR 4500 per person, including food and stay and they didn’t charge anything extra, even though I was a lone traveler and was not sharing a room.

The detailed itinerary can be found on their website but the rough itinerary as below:

Day 1:

9 AM: Start from Tottee Lane at Kolkatta and 3 hours of road drive in a mini van to Godkhali.

12AM : Cross over to the island of Gosaba on a ferry ride that even transports motorbikes etc for an unbelievable rate of INR 2 per person.

Travel to the other end of Gosaba and by auto and take a ferry to Satjelia.

2.30PM : Reach the eco village abode on the island of Satjelia, followed by lunch.
4.00PM : A walk through the ecovillage.

5.30PM: Watch cock fight. The village has no electricity thus the villagers still adhere to the age old methods of entertaining themselves and thus every Friday the entire village gets together to watch the spectacle of cock fights, which turned out to be much shorter than I expected, each one lasting only about 10 seconds, till one cock successfully bloodied the other.
6.00PM: Watch the sunset during the boat ride.

7.00PM : Snacks at hotel followed by musical performance by the local musicians there followed by dinner.

9PM: Night safari, which turned out to be the best pat about the whole trip.


Day 2

6.30AM: The whole day we just cruised on the boat trying to spot some animals in the scorching heat and just managed to get some glimpses of spotted dear, 2 monitor lizards and a crocodile. , We try to start as early as possible, board our personalized engine boat. We stopped at only 1 watch tower- Sajnekhali, although as per the original itinerary we were supposed to stop at 3 but there were just too many people at these watch towers and the noise surely would scare all animals away. Thus it seemed to be a totally futile effort in the heat. Cant really say spending the whole day n a boat was worth it but definitely it had a meditative effect on all, where each was lost in his/her own thoughts under the calming effect of the water around.

4.30PM: Reach village. Walk around the village on my own followed by dinner and musical night.
Day 3:

9.00AM: Breakfast. I walked around the village on my own. At 10 Am we started for Kolkatta.

2.00PM: reach Kolkata through the arduous ride back via, boat, ferry, auto and cab.
The highlight of the trip was our 19 year old guide- Om and his incessant quips and stories, wherein it was difficult to discern the boundaries between fact and fiction.

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