How to Reach Sunderbans in India?

Posted: May 26, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in India, west bengal
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Sundarbans – literal meaning “sundari” or “mangrove” forests- is an archipelago originally measured to be about 16,000 square km (around 200 years ago) but now dwindled to only about 4,000 square km.

The most interesting part about Sunderbans is the complex ecosystem that thrives on salt tolerance surviving half or fully submerged in salt water as per the tidal activity each day. I loved observing the roots of different halophytic mangrove trees. The fauna too is said to survive on drinking salt water as fresh water sources are scarce and are hence said to live for half the normal lifespan.

To conserve and protect the diminishing ecosystem, most part of Sunderbans is protected under the National Park and only few islands have been permitted to house human villages.


How to get to Sunderbans in India?

Although Sunderbans are roughly about 75% in Bangladesh and 25%in India, I being an Indian have just accessed the Indian part.

Kolkata to Godkhali (about 85 km) 3 hours by road: by bus or cab.

Sonakhali to Gosaba: ferry (about half an hour)- INR 10 per person

The largest village or island is Gosaba. It is the last commercial stop where you can find autos, air conditioners and other luxuries. In case you are traveling on your own and not with a travel guide you need to book a hotel at Gosaba. Boats are available to take you to the National Park.

sunderbans map HISTORY


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