How to plan your itinerary for Kutch

Posted: March 11, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in gujarat, India
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If you have spare days you can add Lothal, Patan & Modhera (close to Ahmedabad), Vadimedi, Lakhpat & Narayan Sarovar (Western Kutch). Since I just had 5 days to spare, my itinerary was as follows:


Desert 2Day 0:

Night: Arrive & stay at Ahmedabad

Day 1:

Ahmedabad- Bhuj- 332 km: 6 hours

Enroute- Wild Ass Sanctuary in Little Rann- We coulnt locate it as our driver had little clue and people on the way somehow also didn’t know the directions

Villages in Rann: Ajrakpur- For Natural dye: Artisan: Ismail Khatri

New Dhaneti/ Ramkrushnapuram: For embroidery

Stay at Khamir: 15 km from Bhuj

Day 2:

desert5Bhuj: Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal, Swaminarayan Temple, Sarad Bagh Palace, Hamirsar Lake Kutch Museum, Ram Kund, Cenotaphs and bazaar of Bhuj, Bhujiyo fortress, stepwell

Village: Bhujodi: weaving village & Artisans Park with display of handicrafts from different artisans on a rotational basis

Stay at Khamir

desert3Day 3:

Village: Nirona: Rogan Art

Monastery at Than- 60 km from Bhuj- foot of Dinodhar Hill and is dedicated to Dhoramnath

Kalo Dungar (97 kms from Bhuj & 25 kms north of Khavda- 1.5 hrs from Bhuj) the top of the Black Hills is the highest point in Kutch, at 462 K.m. & gives panoramic view of Great Kutch Rann

India bridge- a bridge that needs to be crossed from Kutch to enter the outpost of the Indian army guarding the border with Pakistan.

Dhordo village- White Desert (- 80 kms from Bhuj- centre for Mutua embroidery (small mirrors, leather embroidery and silver jewellery

White Rann- the largest salt desert in the world: watch sunset & moon rise

Stay in Hodko

Day 4:

Hodko to Mandvi: 2 h 5 min

Kera (enroute): An old Shiva temple half fallen after the earthquakedesert

Mandvi: Historically the most important port & center for building ships: 72 jain complex, Vijay Vilas palace, Shipyard constructions, and Windmill Beach.

Village: Gundiyari- Pottery: Artisan: Ali Mohammad

Mandvi: Stay at Hotel Rukmavati

Day 5:

Mandvi to Ahmedabad: 6 h 19 min (389.0 km) via NH947

Fly back

desert 6Desert4


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