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Mirage in the desert

Posted: March 15, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in India
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MirageThe optical illusion of the mirage in the desert is so complete that one can even see the reflection of passing by objects in the oasis!!

How to plan your itinerary for Kutch

Posted: March 11, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in gujarat, India
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If you have spare days you can add Lothal, Patan & Modhera (close to Ahmedabad), Vadimedi, Lakhpat & Narayan Sarovar (Western Kutch). Since I just had 5 days to spare, my itinerary was as follows:


Desert 2Day 0:

Night: Arrive & stay at Ahmedabad

Day 1:

Ahmedabad- Bhuj- 332 km: 6 hours

Enroute- Wild Ass Sanctuary in Little Rann- We coulnt locate it as our driver had little clue and people on the way somehow also didn’t know the directions

Villages in Rann: Ajrakpur- For Natural dye: Artisan: Ismail Khatri

New Dhaneti/ Ramkrushnapuram: For embroidery

Stay at Khamir: 15 km from Bhuj

Day 2:

desert5Bhuj: Prag Mahal, Aina Mahal, Swaminarayan Temple, Sarad Bagh Palace, Hamirsar Lake Kutch Museum, Ram Kund, Cenotaphs and bazaar of Bhuj, Bhujiyo fortress, stepwell

Village: Bhujodi: weaving village & Artisans Park with display of handicrafts from different artisans on a rotational basis

Stay at Khamir

desert3Day 3:

Village: Nirona: Rogan Art

Monastery at Than- 60 km from Bhuj- foot of Dinodhar Hill and is dedicated to Dhoramnath

Kalo Dungar (97 kms from Bhuj & 25 kms north of Khavda- 1.5 hrs from Bhuj) the top of the Black Hills is the highest point in Kutch, at 462 K.m. & gives panoramic view of Great Kutch Rann

India bridge- a bridge that needs to be crossed from Kutch to enter the outpost of the Indian army guarding the border with Pakistan.

Dhordo village- White Desert (- 80 kms from Bhuj- centre for Mutua embroidery (small mirrors, leather embroidery and silver jewellery

White Rann- the largest salt desert in the world: watch sunset & moon rise

Stay in Hodko

Day 4:

Hodko to Mandvi: 2 h 5 min

Kera (enroute): An old Shiva temple half fallen after the earthquakedesert

Mandvi: Historically the most important port & center for building ships: 72 jain complex, Vijay Vilas palace, Shipyard constructions, and Windmill Beach.

Village: Gundiyari- Pottery: Artisan: Ali Mohammad

Mandvi: Stay at Hotel Rukmavati

Day 5:

Mandvi to Ahmedabad: 6 h 19 min (389.0 km) via NH947

Fly back

desert 6Desert4