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Prashar Lake Trek

Posted: February 28, 2015 by obsesessivetraveler in himachal pradesh, India
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Delhi to Mandi: Overnight bus (10 hrs)- Himachal Road transport volvo

Manali to Baggi Village: Bus- 26 km- 2 hrs, Altitude: 1,353 m

Trek from Baggi Village to Prashar Lake: 7.5 km: 4-5 hours, Altitude:  2,584 m

Thus the trek although only 7.5 km is very steep as you ascend to almost twice the altitude. It starts with a flowing stream but somewhere midway terrain changes and the entire landscape becomes snowcapped. On the day we trekked we also witnessed a cloud cover in the valley below, thus the entire panorama was white: snow, cloud cover in the sky above and the valley below.

The lake was beautiful and frozen. Not surprisingly, an ancient temple stands next to the lake.

We stayed overnight at the camps there. I couldn’t sleep a wink in the sleeping bags so I sat outside gazing at the clear night sky, which was slightly cloudy initially but became really clear as the night progressed. To a deprived soul dwelling in the over-polluted city of Delhi where the sight of a single star is such a rare feat, that the star studded sky at Prashar Lake seemed artificial, as if someone had been overzealous in painting the canvas and had sprinkled the entire space with specks of gold, no area left untouched. Even Nehru Planetarium did not have those many stars. Alas the only memory I could carry of the unrealistic scene is the imprint on my memory, sadly no camera shot could have done it justice but of the whole trek the most indelible memory I have is of the star-studded sky.