Best Thing to See at Brussels, Belgium: Comic Strip Murals

Posted: December 26, 2014 by obsesessivetraveler in Belgium, Europe
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Cart 0What strikes a person visiting Brussels for the first time are the omnipresent comic strip murals!! On my first visit there, I spotted one comic strip mural and was fascinated. Then I kept walking around kept spotting more and more murals and soon realized that all murals were based on comics, which was quite unique as murals in most cities are based on abstract art or some recent topic but I have never been to a city where all murals are based on comic murals. Walking through Brussels is like flipping the pages of a comic book where all the popular comic characters come alive- Tintin, Spirou, Smurfs, Lucky Luke, Daltons, Corentin, Black, Mortimer etc!Belgians regard by comic strips as 9th art and Brussels as the capital city does pay a true ode to this art form! The comic strip mural project started in 1991 when following a ban on billboards, the walls looked ugly and dilapidated and hence the billboards were replaced by comic murals and now there are over 50 murals that give a unique identity to Brussels as a city. Whenever I would think of Brussels now, the first thing that would come to mu mind would be the comic strip murals.

There are dedicated Comic strip walks and cycling tours. I however bought the comic strip map from the Information center and walked along the recommended path as per map 1 and trailed a number of murals for a day , though of course trailing all 50 (map 1, 2 & 3) would require 2-3 days. Map 1Map 1 Map 2Map 2 Map 3Map 3 Some of the comic strip murals I saw were: 1. The Passage by Francois Schuiten & Benoit Peeters Cart 16 2. Broussaille by Frank Pe (first mural in July 1991) Cart 17Cart 2 3. Victor Sackville by Francis Carin Cart 18 part 2 Cart 18 4. Monsieur Jean by Philippe Dupuy & Charles Berberian Cart 20 5. XIII by Jean Van Hamme & illustration by William Vance Cart 21 Part 3

  1. Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup Cart 22 6. Young Albert by Yves Chaland (French) Cart 1 7. Olivier Rameau & Colombe Tiredaile by Dany & Greg Cart16 copyCart 15 8. Tintin (Calculus Affair) by Herge cart 26 Few other comic strips around:
  1. […] Belgium has more comic strip artists per capita than any other country. There are at least 50 murals and many statutes devoted to the art all over the city. Some of the popular strips born here are TinTin, the Smurfs, and Lucky Luke to name a few. To see more and read more about them follow this link. […]


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