Citadel, Dinant

Posted: December 9, 2014 by obsesessivetraveler in Belgium, Europe
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The fortified citadel on the top of the cliff behind the Church is one of the major landmarks of Dinant. It was first built in the 11th century to overlook and control the Meuse valley and was rebuilt and enlarged in 1530 by the Prince-Bishops of Liege. The French troops destroyed it in 1703 and in 1821 the Dutch troops rebuilt it in the present style.

The citadel can be reached by road, by a cable car, or by a 420-step staircase. The entry is paid and the guidebooks say that the cable car costs 1€ more and hence I took the stairs while going up, only to realize I was the only one doing so.

Later while coming down I realized that the cost of cable car is by default included within the ticket. So I am not sure that whether they do not give tickets without the cable car now or you have to especially as for the same. Anyways the only consolation for climbing stairs is that it offered better views of the city than the cable car did.

The museum has an interesting exhibition on the role Dinant played in World War II.

I love the illustrations describing the German attach on 15 Aug 1914 and how Dinant was supported by French and not Belgian army.

The citadel is quintessentially just one room and some adjoining outer sections. Thus I liked the room but was anticipating more as I am used to massive citadels, so the small size was a bit of a disappointment!! However it is definitely a must visit especially for the stunning views of the city!!

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    My legs are still tired 🙂 🙂


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