Belfry Tower at Bruges, Belgium

Posted: November 27, 2014 by randommuzings in Belgium, Europe
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The bottom 2 square sections/ halls in brick were built in the 13th century and was used for storing and displaying Flemish cloth and other goods when Bruges was prospering as an important center of the Flemish cloth industry. The octagonal upper stage of the belfry in Brabant limestone was built between 1483 and 1487.

Narrow, steep flight of 366 steps leads to the top of this 83-metre-high building.

Evolution of Carillion

An hour clock (only 1 hand) was installed in the Bruges belfry tower in the early 15th century. The timepiece was equipped with some small bells and it was the guard’s duty to ring the bells and sound an alarm/ chime every hour.

The ringing of bell was mechanized and the number of bells was increased. The large drum was connected to the clock and a melody was produced every half an hour.

The bells were connected to a keyboard in early 16th century and number of bells was increased to 30 and then 35.

The current 47-bell carillion was completed in 1748 by Giorgius Demery, the Antwerp clock founder. The Great bell- “Bell Maria” was cast in 1680 by Antwerp bell founder Melchior de Haze. The bell weighs 6 tons and has a diameter of 2.06m and is 2.13m tall.

The drum was cast in brass in one piece by Antoon de Hondt (Antwerp, 1748) and weighs 9 tons, has a diameter of 2.06 m and is 2.5 m tall. The drum plays a melody every quarter of an hour.


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