Day 1: From Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Posted: September 8, 2014 by randommuzings in Cambodia, South East Asia
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For breakfast sandwich was not available at the hotel, so I_DSC0009 had cambodia_1egg fried noodles with chicken. Cambodian style!! A 4$ tuk-tuk ride took me to the bus stand at the river front, didn’t know if that was cheap or expensive for Cambodia but later came to know that Phnom-Penh and Siem Reap were touristy and extremely expensive. My tuk-tuk driver was a female which took me by surprise.


Since I had reached the bus stand early, I decided to take a walk_DSC0015 around. Tuk-tuk and moto drivers hound you for a ride. There are street vendors all over the street, again was reminded of India. Bought a book on Cambodian history written by an American author and later reading it the author had compared Cambodia with America at various points, although I couldn’t see why. It’s sad that mostly for Asia you have to read history written by westerners.

_DSC0019The highway to Siem Reap was another surprise. I believe this would be the main highway as it was linking the main cities together but there was no road almost the entire way (320 kms), only sand and gravel. The bus took us 7 hours to reach, which also later I realized is kind of _DSC0017the minimum time by public transport in Cambodia and also while traveling on public transport you will find more than 90% of the co-passengers are foreigners. There will hardly be 2-3 Cambodians traveling. Not only on this bus but all the public transport I took later as well.

My hostel- Adan World Hostel was good. It was about 1 km away from the main bustling pub street or a 1$ tuk-tuk ride away, thus as per me ideal location. The tuk-tuk driver who dropped me from the bus station to the hotel coaxed me to do the 3 day temple tour with him, starting at 5 am the next day!! He conned me into believing that 60$ was the best rate for the whole 3 days. At that point it was too early for me to realize he was conning me and hence I acquiesced.



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