Day 0: From New Delhi to Phnom Penh

Posted: September 3, 2014 by randommuzings in Cambodia, South East Asia

The questions I got at the immigration counter at New Delhi Airport.

“Cambodia is visa on arrival? Really?”

“But what is there to see at Cambodia? Isn’t it a lazy country?”

“Hindu Temples”, I replied and he seemed satisfied. Good he didn’t question me further on religion as then my reply would have been “I am just interested in the architecture of the temples.”

Fortunately the flight took off on time and most of the co-passengers were foreigners flying to Bangkok via India.

_DSC0452_02 copyAt Bangkok airport I ran from pillar to post trying to figure the check-in procedure for my onward flight to Phnom Penh and also trying to ensure that they do check-in my baggage but of course for that I had to only rely on their word which did not sound too reassuring. The only icing on cake was that the lounge access was free.

Fortunately my bag did arrive at Phnom Penh, although drenched. I thought something inside might have leaked but couldn’t think of anything that could have and only to discover later that the water was external perhaps from the rain at Bangkok. Anyways I was glad that my bag arrived so wasn’t too bothered about the water.

It was about 11 pm when I reached Phnom Penh. I couldn’t spot a tuk-tIMG_0701uk when I stepped out of the airport and since it was late I didn’t want to waste my time looking for one. Later discovered that there were tuk-tuks just outside the airport, just as the Lonely Planet had said. But anyways I took a taxi Camry that had quoted $10 at the airport but the driver said it was $12. I had no choice but to accept, not wishing to piss off the driver.

Hotel Yolanda where I was staying at wasn’t too close to the airport but was decent. “Wifi wasn’t working”, which I later discovered was quite common at Cambodia and Airtel hadn’t turned on my international roaming despite my request a day earlier. So I went off to sleep disconnected from the world.



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